Where I Find Interior Inspiration

Where I Find Interior Inspiration

I'm very much an Early Bird—I wake up early almost every morning, enjoying the peaceful hour or two before everyone else gets up. One of my favorite things to do during this time is scour the pages of AD or Elle Decor.

This month’s mood and state of mind are all things home. We're finally getting settled into Charleston and I'm excited to start collecting pieces that make the space truly ours. I started a new Pinterest board where I’m collecting home goods and inspiration in case you’re interested in following along!

I source inspiration not only from magazines, but blogs and websites like Rip & Tan, RemodelistaLonny, and even Into the Gloss—there's something about peeking into the bathrooms and beauty cabinets of others that's so satisfying. I look for spaces that feel clean, but not sterile; open and airy, but intimate; collected and intentional. I think the best homes are the ones that are really, truly lived-in, where no space is off-limits and each piece serves a purpose. 

Here are a few other things around the home I'm looking forward to this month:

✓ Organizing our home and donating the pieces that no longer serve us
✓ Flea market shopping (Charleston locals—I love this one)
✓ Getting crafty with our storage
✓ Al fresco dining on the porch
✓ Cooking/developing new recipes using local produce
✓ Planning a wine and floral arrangement night with my friends

Where do you find inspiration for your home?

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